This web site can be used for a variety of applications.

- couples in long distance relationships to stay close and be romantic
- travelers to stay in touch with family while abroad or away from the office
- forum and community web sites seeking real time communication for their members
- teachers to operate an online classroom with their students
- students for collaboration on projects and homework assignments
- sports fans to talk about the latest matches and scores
- private individuals to agree on the details of online transactions
- radio stations for listeners to request their favorite tunes and songs
- small business owners to send exchange information to clients: web site links, names, etc or communicate instantly with clients for customer support; business owners are encouraged to use our secure chat rooms
- download the site on your cell phone and communicate with a user on a computer

Why is there a guest when I create a chat room?
The system creates a new guest ID automatically when a chat room is created. Further, if you have been using the site previously with the name "John Doe" this name will also appear in the chat room so there will be the illusion of two users in the chat room. After the room is live for a while, the guest account disappears and never reappears again.

How to use this site most effectively?
For most effective use of the site, it is suggested that the site users agree on a recurring meeting date(s) and time(s) when the users will be online.

What is the purpose of this site?
This site allows users to communicate without having to use the same instant messenger application such as Yahoo!, MSN, Google,, etc. and fill out registrations with yet another company.

Why is the site design basic?
We identified a need in the marketplace for a bare bones, simple site that allows users to communicate instantly with other users. The site intentionally avoids smiley faces, frowns, winks and other features of alternative chat programs.

Why do I get an error when I attempt to open a chat room?
Make sure that you have a forward slash at the end of the chat room URL. This chat room will work but the following URL will produce an error 

Why does the chat room text window not register my keystrokes?
Try htting the F5 key to refresh the browser. This error could result because the browser needs to be cleared so deleting the temp files could help. Another explanation is that the user is running an ancient computer with out of date java script codes.

Who owns the site?
This site is owned by a New York-based investor that invests actively in internet companies.

What is the future of the site?
We welcome feedback from site visitors on products and services they would like to see at
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